That merry wanderer of the night

Staying with Shakespeare, we have a look inspired by the classic, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Photographed in Regent’s Park (which could well be a fae lair with everything in bloom at the moment), I give you the femme Puck. 

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

In keeping with the event I went to last week, the outfit in this post was destined to be Shakespearian in some form from the very start, meaning that the one piece I knew would make the cut is the vintage velvet brown Ralph Lauren bustier featured above. However, from that point I initially had a desire to go with a tailored shirt, and use my grey All Saint’s ‘inside-out’ dress as a skirt (as I ended up doing). The shirt with the bustier turned out to be too much, however – it looked period, but in a slightly faffy child’s dress up box sense. So I moved on from that, and tried to find something slightly more natural and organic, without trying to stick so directly to period style, and ended up going with (another All Saints piece) a long sleeved dark green-green shirt, which worked perfectly with the colours of the bustier and the dress.

The other part of the wardrobe which was decided from day one was the shoes, as the oxblood brogues (which I think are by Hudson, but the label is very worn down) were the only even slightly Shakespearian shoes in my closet – I’m a DMs or Converse girl myself. They immediately added a Peter Pan edge to the ensemble, and soon the whole thing was evolving into a look which could only be described as a femme Puck, from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Although it was perhaps less period than the original ideas, it was definitely more in keeping with Shakespearean themes in my mind, which are really timeless.

The accessories (as always) perfectly completely the outfit – my Labradorite (I believe) necklace from Pippa Small, which shone like a eerie full moon in the bright summer sun (which seems like some sort of oxymoron in itself, but very appropriate for something Puck-esque with all his various monikers), and my oxblood red Una Burke cuff tied in perfectly with the soes and brought more of the androgyne edge to the whole thing. This was such a fun outfit to shoot (you can almost feel the Puck coming out in you as you prance around), and I’ll definitely be finding an excuse to wear this somewhere in the near future – although maybe with an underskirt on!

My lovely mother took the photos for this shoot, and also found all of the best places to take photos, having far better knowledge than me of where all the beautiful flowers are in Regent’s Park.

The clothing is all mine (or my mum’s hand-me-downs – I get the best bloody hand-me-downs), and it’s all no longer in shops, whether it be because it’s truly vintage (the Ralph Lauren bustier, being my mother’s) or simply bought a few years ago (the All Saints pieces and the H&M socks – although knee high socks exist in many places now). The Pippa Small necklace was a one off, but her website detailing loads of other gorgeous (and ethical!) jewelry can be found here. Finally, the Una Burke cuff is the one thing you can still buy, if you want (and it all the colours of the rainbow!), and you can also peruse the rest of Una’s beautiful leatherwork at her website (there are photos of me on it, if you can find them!). 

This was so fun to shoot – it was kind of embarrassing at first, as the park was packed and I was standing there pretending to be a faerie, but once I got into it it was really such fun to get to run among the flower, and by the end of it all I was very much in character, if partially unintentionally! 

Regent’s Park is just such a lovely place this time of year, and I like right around the corner from it – I’m sure you’ll see if feature again in this summer’s blog posts. 

This has been the first ever fashion/outfit installment of my blog – these will be happening every Wednesday, as a slightly more light hearted relaxing follow up to the article posted every Sunday, and will somehow always hopefully be linked in with the article itself. 

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