Diesel 2014 Pre-Fall campaign!

So, the Diesel Pre-Fall campaign just came out, and you’ll never guess who’s in it! (Or, well, you probably will given that I’m posting it here, but anyway.) ME! It’s all rather exciting, and a massive privilege to be part of, especially it being Nicola Formichetti’s first fully-formed ready-to-wear collection, and the photos are by the amazing Nick Knight.

It was such a great shoot to work on, with so many lovely people – both the other models, the make-up, hair and nails team who worked in tandem with the stylists to keep us looking beautiful, and pretty much EVERYONE (especially the catering team, cause DAMN the food was good!). And I’m so happy and excited with how the photos came out – inspired by the classical, with Michelangelo edges, but with a ‘pop-Picasso’ take on the whole thing. As Formichetti puts it, it’s neo-neo-classical.

Mail-Attachment Mail-Attachment1 DIESEL_FW14_AD-SP_02-RED-A-R


The images are from here, where you can find a few more close-ups which I didn’t include (partially because you can already see them in the bigger pictures, and partially because, well, this is a blog about me, hah).

Credit can be found at the link above, or in the read more below.

Creative direction: Nicola Formichetti

Photography: Nick Knight

Hair: Tomo Jodai @ Streeters London
Make Up: Laura Dominique @ Streeters London
Nails: Marian Newman @ Streeters London

Casting : Angus Munro for AM casting @streeters NY


Marina Nery – the society model
Steve DF – d Milan
Sebastian Åhman – why not
Kiko Mizuhara
Alexia Wight (me!)
Sean Semmens – supa models


Alexia Wight (me again!)
Sebastian Åhman – why not models Milan
Steve DF – d Milan
Marina Nery  – the society model
Sean Semmens – supa models
Alexia Wight (me twice in the same image!)


Alexia Wight (funnily enough, me)
Sebastian Åhman – why not models Milan




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