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Fashion Tech

So, today I went along to the final day of the Marc Jacobs pop up shop: the tweet shop, where you can ‘buy’ products via social media! It’s a really interesting concept, and as a physicist (because, in case you didn’t know, the internet was originally created for physics, at CERN in Switzerland) I’m really interested in how fashion uses the internet, and in this case, social media. I loved the Central Saint Martins ‘Worth’ pop up shop, where by sharing the website, consumers were able to push the price of items down from £1,000,000 to £50.12. ‘Social media = cash’ in these scenarios, and it’s not that far from the truth. Social media presence is extremely profitable for brands these days, bringing in legions of fans and new buyers. Marc Jacobs is one fashion brand which really embraced social media – their new AW14 campaign was cast completely from Instagram and Twitter (which I love, by the way) – so I was very interested so say how the ‘tweet shop’ would work out.

To begin with, the reviews I read from the opening night sounded amazing. Tweet for perfumes! Manicures! Free wifi! Win handbags through social media contests! The fashion and computer geek in me came together to get very excited to see how the whole things would be orchestrated, so I made sure to get there for noon, allowing myself up to six hours in the store. When I got there, I headed straight for the manicure line (I really needed one), and spent my time in the line (about two hours) looking around, and taking some of my first twitter pictures. There were signs everywhere telling me what to hashtag, where to post, and how I could pay for my manicure with a tweet, or get a keychain, or a bottle of perfume. I got myself a tea (complimentary, of course), and started snapping pics (heavily using Glitché and SLMMSK, because I’ve been really into them since Jon Emmony and Nick Knight pointed me towards them). 

photo 1

photo 2

Over the day, I posted about five Instagram and Twitter photos, and won a pair of sunglasses, got some samples and two bottles of perfume (could have gotten more, but prioritised manicure over free stuff, so they had run out by the time i got there)! I also received a kickass manicure, so from the fashion geek side, things went well. The problems I found came from my techie side. To begin with, there was a projected ‘feed’ on the wall, which was meant to be showing the latest picture posted in the #MJDaisyChain tag, updating every thirty seconds or so. Except, the same ’15s old’ pictures were being shown for the whole 6 hours I was there, with no change at all. Which might have something to do with the slow, and at times nonexistent, wifi offered. And as for winning prizes? The winners were meant to be chosen through twitter, but it seemed the people choosing weren’t really on top of their twitter feeds, as until I went up and showed them my pictures straight off my phone I didn’t win anything. Plus, when they did find a winning photo on twitter, they direct messaged the winners – no retweet, no reply, no attempt to publicise winning photos through the damn social media, as you’d expect from a social media event. Even within the store, the winners weren’t announced or celebrated – the only reason I even knew there were winners because I had read that they were doing it before hand (it wasn’t mentioned on the various posters).

photo 3

photo 4

All in all, although I definitely enjoyed myself, and would recommend the Marc Jacobs Tweet store to others, the event definitely needed a lick of polish, and a bit of techie expertise. For such a connected and big brand, fixing the few things like the tweet feed and the wifi would have made the whole thing run more smoothly, and making sure all the tweets were seen, and the winning ones promoted, could have made this into an A* event, instead of and sketchy B+ I’d give it. Maybe all the little errors were due to me going there on the last day, but I don’t think that can be used as an excuse. 

photo 5

I really love the idea of a tweet store – it’s a great promotional tool, and done well can really boost sales and increase your customer base (there are Marc Jacobs items I came across which I rather liked, and might even go buy for myself now). It’s also lots of fun, and taps into the internet savvy demographic, which MJ have already been doing for a while. Lots of fun, lots of stuff, and iPhones galore! 

So, I’ve been a bit gone.

So, I’m just posting to apologise for the fact I’ve disappeared for a while. Been really hectic settling back at home, with loads of stuff to organise and catch up on (at least with uni there was a schedule to the stressfulness, whereas now it’s everywhere!).

But, I promise I’ll be back on form and posting soon – hopefully this Sunday I’ll have a full length post up! I’m also hoping to upload some of my longer written pieces for you guys to peruse when you have time, so keep a look out for that as well.


Planetary Chaos

So, it’s still pictures – or animations – of science and not me at the moment, following up Sunday’s Chaotic Pendulum post with more animations, this time of chaotic pendulums on different planets! It’s amazing how something as commonplace as gravity can change everything about a system. All these pendulums are exactly the same – the only thing changed wa the gravitational force they felt, which was correlated to the ‘planet’ we put them on (or, well, ran the simulation to make it look like they were on). 


I hope you like the animations (I spent AGES working on the code), and it’s be back to fashion soon enough, once I get get back into the rhythm of things.

If anyone’s got any more complex questions about chaos, feel free to ask, or if you’re interested in how the hell the animations work.